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Unscientific Nonfacts


Pumpkin Positive
Arr! I hate the sea and everything in it.
albion [the wherry], bad latin, being chased by dementors, blanks on triple letters, bows and arrows [hurrah!], caen stone, dave bow [e3], dave'n'jim's joint efforts, failing to be original, fake alchemy, ford prefect's satchel, gene kelly's arms, gordon buchanan, habitat & heal's, ivor flüffsson, jemima puddle-duck's dress sense, kenickie, lady and the unicorn, love and partridges, mary ellen james, mary's herby judgment, megafauna, molly + arthur, montages of neon signs, nice coats/pea-coats/lyrics about coats, pancakes, pangamoose deborah&isle of sandwich, pansy the poodle, ridiculously fake jewels, river deep mountain high, sarra manning, shirley geek, silver-sided books, simon king's quiet enthusiasm, song wars kqllassixcqs, squared paper, staedtler triplus fineliners, svalbard, tacky blue plastic boots, the crumpety tree, the national trust, the news quiz, the norfolk broads, the normandie suites, the three rivers race, things shot in vancouver, tiny tiny rhode island!, turn blue by iggy, tutting at hullabaloos, unexpected timeframes, waterlow park, william morris